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We currently run two types of Educational Workshop.

Our 'Whirlwind Workshops' last two hours, and are a fun and informative introduction to the world of theatre.

Our 'Performance Workshops' generally last five days, with six hours tuition per day. In just one week, students will learn songs, dance routines and dialogue to a show that has been specially created and adapted to their group. This 45-minute long show is then performed in a professional theatre at the end of the week.

Whirlwind Workshop

In a jam-packed two hours, this hugely popular workshop includes... Most importantly however, the Whirlwind Workshop also gives every participating student the opportunity to appear on stage in their own short show! The students are split into groups - some become narrators, others singers, and others will be dancers. They are taught short sections, which are then put together as a 5-minute show. At the end of the workshop, the kids perform their show on stage, using microphones and the full lighting rig. This performance is filmed, and then played back to the children so they have the opportunity to watch themselves on stage! You will be presented with a DVD of the performance, which you are of course free to copy and distribute to each student.

The Whirlwind Workshops are led by professional actors, singers, dancers and technicians from our experienced team.

These workshops are suitable for children aged 8-18, and run throughout the year. Minimum group size is 20, and we can cope with up to 80 students in one session, although we recommend that groups of 60+ split into two smaller groups for maximum benefit. At peak times [May-July], it is best to book well in advance to secure your slot.

The price per head is £6.50, with no charge for accompanying teachers.

Why not complete your theatre experience with a trip to one of our shows in the evening? From May to July we run a chaotic 'summer pantomime', which is a perfect match to the Whirlwind Workshop - although our 'Best of the West End' show may be more suitable if you prefer a more refined and traditional performance! Attractive discounts are available if you book both workshop and show.

For more information, or to book, please call Jayne on 07813 849 803 , or email

Performance Workshop

For more than ten years now, our team have been running Performance Workshops where every participating student gets to appear in a 45-minute show at the end of the week.

The Performance Workshops are led by professional actors, singers, dancers and technicians from our experienced team. The show the kids perform will have been specially written to match the age, size and ability of that particular group. We feel it is vital that every participating student is an equal part of the final performance, so the shows our writers produce do not contain any ‘starring roles’ - dialogue is distributed evenly around the group, and all the students will learn at least five songs and dance routines.

These workshops are suitable for children aged 8-18, and run throughout the year. Minimum group size is 15, and we have catered for entire school year groups in one go - our largest so far was 140 students in one show! We normally recommend eight sessions of three hours in which to learn the show, with two additional sessions, one for the dress rehearsal and one for the performance [ten sessions in total]. Usually, these sessions take place within the space of a single week, but we can adapt to the requirements of your group.

We have had enormous success running these workshops with students whose first language is not English. The shows are always written, taught and performed in English, so with these groups, in addition to the fun and challenges of learning the show, there is the added bonus of the huge improvement in spoken English to be achieved during what is already an intensive week of learning. Usually, groups come to us, but our creative team will come to you if that is easier. If you want to join us on the Isle of Wight, we can help with travel and accommodation arrangements. We also offer various additional services, including making a video diary of the week [which includes filming the final performance], and providing backing tracks if you want to perform your show back home.

To discuss your requirements and obtain a quote, please call Jayne on 07813 849 803, or email

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